Food of Burgundy

In case its fine wine wasn't enough, Burgundy is also home to a sumptuous diversity of food. Market days in Burgundy are a gastronomical treat, and you'll find a huge variety of seasonal produce and regional specialities on display. Explore the local market in Beaune, or head out to some of the neighbouring villages - we leave market schedules and maps at every property. The best part? You can bring all of your finds back to your vacation rental and cook up a feast in your very own kitchen. Check out our favorite cookbooks and recipes for ideas and inspiration.

Burgundian food is hearty and accessible, but is taken to a new level when paired with the region's fine wines. The Burgundian culinary icon, escargot dripping in fragrant garlic butter, is present on almost every local restaurant menu; try it with a glass of Burgundian white and you may never look at snails the same way again.

Burgundy is also home to Charolais cattle, one of the world's best cattle breeds, and the unusual blue-footed Poulet de Bresse, a free-range chicken believed to be unrivaled in taste. Charolais beef and Poulet de Bresse can be found in a number of regional dishes, not the least of which are Boeuf Bourgougnon and Coq au Vin.

Burgundy also makes a few spectacular cheeses. Citeaux, made by the Monks at the Abby of Citeaux, is a cow's mild cheese with a stinky aroma but mild taste. It's much milder than its rich cousin, Epoisse, another local washed-rind cheese from the eponymous village, but if you prefer something a bit subtler, there is always Charolais, a goat or mixed goat and cow's milk cheese that has a subtle and satisfying salty-sweet flavour.

And of course, Burgundy wouldn't be Burgundy without the Dijon mustard. Slapped down on every dinner table as an accompagnement to pretty much anything and everything, Dijon mustard is an integral part of the Burgundian culinary landscape. Djion is home to many mustard producers, and we leave suggestions for where to taste and purchase the best mustards at each of our properties.

If you don't want to cook, not to worry - we also provide our guests with a list of our favorites restaurants, cafes and bakeries. Because, let's face it, after a morning at the market, there is nothing quite like a little espresso and a square of dark chocolate.