The Grape News

Volume I – Winter 1999 – Jan 21, 1999

Dear all,

This is our first E-mail-out for La Maison des Deux Clochers. We are actually living in the house as we write this first edition of our sporadic newsletter. Currently we are in the process of taking down old wallpaper and repainting, which is actually taking longer than planned as the old wallpaper appears to have been stuck up with superglue. In any case, we are very much enjoying living in the house, and we are growing more attached to it every day.

The purpose of these mail-outs is to bring interested parties up to date about happenings in Burgundy, and also to provide more specific information about the house in general. Bon, on commence….

  1. Saint-Vincent Wine Festival
  2. We are very excited about attending the Saint Vincent wine festival on Jan 30-31 in Chablis. This is a traditional Burgundian celebration honouring Saint-Vincent, the patron saint of winegrowers. It is always held on the last weekend of January, and is in a different wine-producing village every year. The day begins with a procession of wine makers from every participating village (well over 100) carrying their village's wooden statue of Saint Vincent. For a small price you buy a wine tasting glass at the beginning of the day, and then go from Cave to Cave tasting as many different wines as you please. The year 2000 festival will be in the village of Gevrey-Chambertin (very close to Magny) - and is guaranteed to be an incredible celebration. If you would like any additional information on the Saint Vincent festival Franck and I will most likely be able to answer your queries.

  3. Bike Rentals
  4. Franck and I were delighted to find a friendly couple who have a family business of renting out mountain bikes in Chaux, only two villages away from here. We had a look at their bikes and were impressed with their quality and excellent condition. The couple also supply all clients with helmets and locks, and baby seats are also available. The current prices are as follows:

    • Half-day: 60.00 FF
    • Day: 95.00 FF
    • Weekend: 175.00 FF
    • Week: 495.00 FF

    For an additional charge of 30.00 FF they can deliver the bikes to your doorstep. Biking is really a wonderful way to visit the countryside in this area of France, not to mention the fact that it also helps to compensate for all of those baguettes and camembert!

  5. Age of House
  6. Since Franck and I arrived here I have been trying to figure out approximately when La Maison des Deux Clochers was built. Last week I discovered my best clue yet. At one time, the neighbouring house and our house were all part of one big farm. Last week, I noticed for the first time that a date is inscribed in the stone above one of the windows in our neighbours house. The date is 1789 - and I have been told by everyone here that it is almost certain that this indicates the year the farm, which our house was once a part of, was built. So, it looks as though our house dates quite accurately from the time of the French Revolution.

  7. Availability
  8. We have been amazed by the interest people have shown in La Maison. The period of May to the beginning of September seems to be the most popular booking time. During this spring / summer / early fall season there are still some available dates. June 2 - June 20 is free, as is July 3 - July 12. Again, we are happy to send out information packages to any interested parties, and our website contains all the pertinent information as well.

  9. Questions?
  10. We are always happy to answer any questions about traveling to France and/or the Burgundy area in particular.

À Bientôt!

Laura & Franck